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Of Sundance LB Stock Farm



We know that the mares are the bricks of our breeding program. We breed with the eye of many successful breeders .... BREED THE BEST AND HOPE FOR THE BEST. This is easier said than done.


To maintain our preservation breeding goals, we keep the blood in mind and do our best to maintain select groups that have concentrated blood. In this way, we know that we will not be backed into a corner years down the road.... These select groups provide the diversity needed to breed on. The key to maintaining the diversity is by keeping these sub groups separate so they can then be crossed back on each other to provide genetic diversity. Even though they are from the same seed stock, they can be successfully bred to each sub-groups for future generations to come.  

We only keep stallions from strong mare families. The stallions that we keep represent each of the sub-groups from the mare lines. This is true in all of our other breeding groups as well. 

When setting up our breeding groups each year, we look to concentrate the blood of foundation animals where possible. For example, Our groups this year include an " OLD WORLD/OLD LINES" group- These horses are as close to the original horses we brought back from Audrey's.  These groups would include a concentrated KEWPIE'S TOPPER OF ARENOSA group, a concentrated KEWPIE'S DOLL DIABLO group and a concentrated QUEEN ANN'S JET group.

We do this with our SETH THOMAS (ST) group as well. These horses are a blend of ARENOSA and SETH THOMAS bloodlines. We refer to these as ARENOSA RELATED as well. We do not breed for color, but we know that there is power in color. We find that phenotype and genotype go hand in hand.

All of our breedings are done with great care and consideration to produce the best possible foals to carry on with. 


Thin Stripes

Sundance LB Stock Farm is one of the leading influential breeding programs in the industry for AMHR HALL OF FAME achievers and producers. Our breeding has also influenced many other well known farms across the country, accumulating over 60 HALL OF FAMES  through the horses that we have bred and their progeny. All achievements listed are verified by the registry.  

Double Superior Dam

Sundance LB Katarina

produced 4 HOF offspring:

  • Sundance LB Hot Topic

  • Sundance LB Katmandu

  • Sundance LB Ondele of Rivenburgh

  • Sundance LB Juan Pablo

Superior Dams

Sundance LB Katarina    

Sundance LB Tess          

Sundance LB Pretty In Pink       Sundance LB Mariah      

Sundance LB Fonda Of You

Sundance LB Pinata      

Sundance LB Slightly Dressed Sundance LB Caprice    

Hillswicke’s Minuete  VB            

A Stable Business Carmella

*Have produced 22 HOF Offspring.


Sundance LB Elegant Distraction         Sundance LB I’M A Colored Girl Sundance LB Dressed Up

Sundance LB Princess Monica Sundance LB Rocky Road                       Sundance LB Deja Vu  

Sundance LB Morocca  

Sundance LB Black Dahila

Sundance LB Mercedes

Sundance LB Que Tee

(National Grand Champion Mare Under)

Sundance LB Silk Stockings

Sundance LB HOF Ad
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